Email Policy

Prodata Systems, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Prodata) receives and delivers electronic mail (hereinafter referred to as email) on behalf of itself and certain of its clients and business partners. For reasons of reliability, availability, security and compliance with applicable law, Prodata restricts the acceptable content and use of email processed through its facilities by policy.
Prohibited Uses:
The following are prohibited uses of Prodata’s email facilities:
Any use in connection with commission or attempted commission of fraud, or of a criminal or terrorist act.
Sending of unlawful or harassing messages, whether to a Prodata employee or to any other party
Transmission or relay of unsolicited bulk email (‘SPAM’)
Transmission of fraudulent email, including ‘phishing’
Transmission of any virus, worm, Trojan, spyware or other malicious computer program
Prodata will cooperate with duly-authorized law enforcement agencies to assure that senders of such messages are identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.
Email Filtering and Rejection:
Prodata’s email facilities provide automated filtering of incoming email to assure that it adheres to this policy. The filtering systems will reject email that clearly violates policy. The following is a summary of email that will be rejected:

  • Unsolicited bulk email
  • Messages containing HTML scripting (including applets, ActiveX controls and FRAMES or IFRAMES), executable attachments, viruses or worms
  • Messages from known ‘open relays’
  • Messages from senders that clearly violate RFC-821/2821 protocol
  • Partial messages (content-type = message/partial)
  • Messages containing certain header or body content as determined by Prodata management

When email is rejected, the sender will be notified as part of the transmission process itself, in the form of a negative response to the message. An NDR (non-delivery report) may not be generated.

Unencrypted Protected Healthcare Information
In compliance with HIPAA and related laws and regulations, Prodata will reject and destroy any email message that contains Protected Healthcare Information, as defined by 45 CFR § 164.501, in an unencrypted or ‘plaintext’ form.

Filtering Strategy
The filtering strategy and the filtering technologies used are not disclosed, but are in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as with our Privacy Policy.

Senders of rejected email may not receive NDR (non-delivery report) messages. The reason is that many unacceptable messages are sent with forged (‘spoofed’) response addresses, so these reports simply create an unacceptable burden to uninvolved third parties. Instead, senders will be notified of rejection at the time the message is transmitted to Prodata via SMTP, in the form of a negative (5xx) response to the message itself. Additionally, senders who consistently violate RFC-821/2821 protocol may be refused access to the Prodata email gateway entirely.

What to do if your email is rejected
If your email to Prodata is rejected with a negative response, you may contact us by using the web form on our contact page. Please include the date and time that you attempted to send the message, and also include, if possible, the exact response code and text that you received. Please also provide a description of your message content and email address(es) of the party(ies) to whom it was directed.