Who is Julie?

Call Julie is not just a saying on our site. Julie is a real person. She is the manager of Prodata Medical Billing Service and she has been for the last 20 years. So when you call Julie, you will actually speak with Julie. We don’t have sales people to speak with you when you call, so please excuse the lack of sales pressure and enjoy a great conversation with Julie as she tries to learn about you and your practice and see how we may help you become more successful financially in your practice.

Julie oversees a great medical billing staff whose focus is to make your medical billing and collections successful.

Under Julie’s leadership and experience Prodata has focused on practices between 1 and 10 doctors, an area that has been left unattended by larger medical billing organizations. Your smaller practice that is hugely important to you is important to Julie and all of us at Prodata. It is an area of need that Julie and her team are expert in and enjoy. Julie is truly interested in your success and satisfaction.

Isn’t it time you called Julie? 1.844.442.9697