Why Prodata for Your Medical Billing Needs

Founded in 1958, Prodata has been transformed from a paper-based, co-processing healthcare service into a leading provider of Internet accessible medical billing services. Unique in the healthcare information systems industry, Prodata offers a fully functional co-processing system that enables medical practices to improve the efficiency of their business operations and improve their cash-flow. Through extensive planning and continuous innovation, Prodata is the leader that hundreds of billing specialists, doctors and clinics have counted on for decades.

An impressive timeline. Originally, Prodata’s paper-based practice management services focused on processing patient statements, reports and data back-up of client submitted registration and transaction forms. In the 1970’s, Prodata evolved technologically and included online terminal access to a mainframe, thereby adding application hosting to outsourced and co-processed services. In the mid-1980s, Prodata incorporated PC-based capabilities and added key features, such as scheduling and a managed care module, as well as an expanded capacity for electronic data interchange (EDI) claiming. Prodata’s in-house claims clearing capabilities help set it apart from the other companies that rely on third parties to handle their EDI claiming.

Our Healthcare providers have real-time access to their data, as well as Prodata services that improve their back-office efficiency, augment cash flow, and create a healthier bottom line. Prodata’s extensive history and experience in medical billing has made its services a valued asset for its customers and we look forward to being a valued asset for your practice.

We have one and only one focus: Improving your bottom-line.

Our goal is simple: to enable your practice to operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We want our services to give you the tools you need to improve your cash flow and help you receive faster, more efficient payment for the services you provide.

It is Prodata’s vast experience and healthcare industry expertise that enables us to meet our goal of increasing your efficiency. Prodata seamlessly moves claims electronically from your desk to insurance company processing systems. Your practice receives secure anytime, anywhere access to patient administrative information, seamless claim and statement processing, comprehensive reporting, accounting and data management.

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