Medical Billing Services

Every doctor, whether in a small private practice or as a member of a large group practice has lost money into the dark hole of Administrative Workflow. Many doctors must manage full time billing staff, spend hours each month trying to determine if their insurance payments are correct, and talk to patients who do not understand what they owe and why. Prodata Medical Billing Services are designed to handle the burden of accounts receivable on behalf of doctors and clinics, saving time for busy healthcare professionals, and money for their businesses.
Prodata Medical Billing Service is maintained by full time billing specialists. Office workflow is streamlined. Our system is a web-based management system that reinvents the cumbersome task of claims processing. Our billing specialists do the rest.

Claims Management

  • Prodata’s team of experienced revenue specialists bill and follow up on all of your insurance claims. Our billing service center assumes responsibility for seamless insurance claims submission.
  • Our billing service center will posts payments and denials, follow up on unpaid claims, review credit balance accounts for potential refunds, and forward past due balances over for collection.
  • Our billing service center assumes responsibility for generating patient statements and maintaining contact with patients who have billing questions. Prodata provides a toll-free phone number for patients to call.
  • Complete claim history is tracked within our practice management software.
  • Prodata submits more than 85% of claims electronically. Due to our electronic submission options, daily claims files are sent, speeding up payment from the payers. Electronic claims filing response reports are received and posted daily.
  • Prodata verifies practice, provider, and group numbers for major payers during implementation.

Let Us Help You Save Time and Money!

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